Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to Make 2013 an Amazing Year- No Matter WHAT Happens

 I am always a little sad this time of year. Partly, because it’s the end of my favorite time of year- Fall and Christmas, but mostly because it means another year older and another year of not being where I want to be. 

I usually spend the last week of the old year and first week of the new year wallowing in the things I didn’t accomplish and rewriting most of the same goals I started out with in the first place. This year I decided to do things a little differently.

I didn’t want to end 2012 thinking of all the not-so-great things that happened to me. After all, if that was the case, I would have to hate 1992, 2001, and 2005- the years my papa , my nana, and then my grandmother and my dad passed away.  I don’t think of those years like that, so I don’t want to think of 2012 as the year I got the big “C,” or the year I learned all too much about melanoma.  There were a lot of amazing things that happened to me this year and they shouldn’t be overshadowed by the beast. Even on my holiday cards I sent out, I chose to put a Top Ten of 2012 on them. I wanted everyone to know we had a LOT to celebrate, but mostly, I wanted to remind myself.

I still made a list of my goals for 2013. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do that. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t write out a grocery list before I go to the store, only to never  once open it up while inside. I am a great list writer. My problem is in the follow through. This is why I spend most of my time wallowing in what wasn’t done, whether it’s reflecting over the past year or over the last 24 hours. Thing is, we get a lot more done than we think we do. We are just focusing on the wrong things. And when we don’t accomplish things, well, it’s also because we are focusing on all the wrong things.

I want to be more focused this year. I want to do a lot LESS multi-asking and spend a lot more time living in the moment. I want to put more purpose and planning in my day, and then follow through.  I want to focus on the things I have achieved as much as I focus on the things I haven’t. And I want to stop PROCRASTINATING!

I want to do ONE more thing today than I planned to, because it’s what we do today that matters most.

That’s not mine. I read that on a Facebook status belonging to Jennifer Pastiloff over at Manifestation Yoga. She is a genius. I am convinced by this statement, if nothing else.

That CLEARLY didn’t come from me, the queen of procrastination. Nope. But as soon as I read it, it was like something clicked inside of me. I am always disappointed in myself for my lack of follow through, but I never think of the importance today has. It is always about doing "better" tomorrow. Why not start from right where I am? Right here. Right now.  After all, the biggest regret I have for 2010 and 2011 is waiting to go to the dermatologist to get my mole checked out.  I could have caught it WAY before it got 2mm deep, before it reached the scary level IV status.  I am still having a very difficult time forgiving myself for that. So why in the world would I still be procrastinating?

It’s what we do TODAY that matters most. 

Did you get that? We may not be here tomorrow to do it.  We may be more busy tomorrow than we are today. We may not feel well enough tomorrow to do it. We may be facing difficult circumstances that we must deal with tomorrow because of what we didn't do today. 

It’s what we do TODAY.

What are you doing today? Are you working towards your goals? Are you taking every chance you get- chances to talk to loved ones, chances to visit with friends, chances to talk to your children and say the things you really want them to know. Or are you doing everything in your power to put off what needs to be done, only further pushing away the time you have to do what you want to do?

I know that last question describes me to the letter.  So it’s time I change and focus on today. What can I do right now, instead what do I need to do tomorrow?

If you won’t listen to me (and if I don’t listen to me) then we should listen to Tony Robbins, because this statement is so very true.

Let’s stop living in reaction. Focus on what you want (make sure you know what it IS you want first). You want to make a change of some kind? a new career? a new home? new relationships? You want more time with your family? You want to make a difference, educate others, help, start a blog, get healthier? FOCUS and make sure today's actions speak towards that. 

I want to be around for a long, long time. I want to be here to meet my grandchildren's children. I know..that may be pushing it. But I am damn sure going to try.   Do you want to be around for a time ?  Then take care of yourself. Do the things that make you better. Do the things that you yearn to do in your heart.  Make smarter, healthier choices. Eat better, exercise, wear your sunscreen, focus on how beautiful you are in your own skin, love yourself for who you are and take care of yourself the same way you would take care of your child or your spouse or your parents. That is the only way we will be around to do the things we want. 

We can make sure that 2013 is our year, no matter what happens, because all we will be able to see are the amazing things we have accomplished- big or little. 

Don't forget, you can help to write your own story.

Thank you for reading. Until next time, practice safe sun and Happy New Year!!!!


  1. Hey lady, thank you for an inspiring post :) I love all the memes! Just so ya know, I will be here to help keep you accountable all year. So no procrastinating for you! I've always been kind of a procrastinator, too, but last year I started making my goals public. For example, I'm a non-runner, but I signed up for an 8k, told all my friends about it, posted about it on Facebook, etc. It's much harder to let your friends down than yourself.

  2. You are SO right, Katie! I actually a facebook group that I made to do JUST that, but since starting the blog, have really fallen behind. I will add you and you can join, if you'd like. I would love to have you help to hold me accountable. Things really need to change for me in some ways. Love having you as a friend!