Thursday, May 1, 2014

Getting Naked

As I was looking through my phone last night, trying to find a specific picture I took of one of my kids, I realized Man…do I have a LOT of naked selfies on my phone!!!

Now, not meaning to disappoint, I must add that my “naked” selfies are not what I imagine the typical naked selfies to be. There’s lots of skin, lots of body parts, but none of them all together in one picture.  So a Playboy centerfold they would not make. :)  But if I were to allow you to browse through my phone’s photo gallery, you’d see that just like the average woman/mom,  there are tons of pictures of my kids and pictures of myself in different outfits, smiling, frowning, and looking for wrinkles (Oh wait. Am I the only one that does that?). Just add in a bunch of scars, stitches, moles, marks, bumps, and anything else I find on my body.

               Hmmm.  I just realized that maybe if I flipped through my photo gallery
               really fast, it would all come together like an old school, flip page cartoon
               and I’d have  a dirty movie on my hands!  Note to self: Delete all these
                pictures off your phone IMMEDIATELY!

My phone didn’t always look like that. I have pictures in there beginning from December 2011. The skin pictures didn’t begin until June 2012, when I was diagnosed with melanoma.
Since then it has been a job of mine to stay on top of my skin and any changes I see. Having these pictures helps me to notice if anything is growing or changing and if there’s anything new on my body. I suggest those of you who aren’t warriors do the same. Maybe not to the extent I do, but know your skin. What it looks like, what’s there - even in the places you CAN’T see.  Get your hair stylist involved.  Ask family and friends to help. This may even add some extra spice to your love life if you can get your significant other involved. ;) That’s what the Melanoma Research Foundation’s campaign GET NAKED is all about. You have to be proactive. You have to strip down and look, because you are the best person to catch it early and save your life.

I put together a collage of photos from my phone, all taken in the last 2 years. I wanted you to see what Warrior selfies look like and why it is SO important to #GETNAKED. I would love to see other warrior selfies as well.

Thanks for reading. Practice safe sun!