Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How Are We Spending Our Time?

Last week was absolutely INSANE. Work kept me busy night and day. My family was lucky I found time to cook for them. I can count on one finger (that’s right I wrote finger) how many times I showered last week.  Do not try this in the workplace, people. I work from home.  I was only able to post once. Although I did find time to put together the Hey Girl memes.  That was fun and easy, and did I mention fun? But I missed writing.  I missed my readers. Weird isn’t it? I mean, I don’t even know who is reading this or when, but when I write “you” are in my mind. So many of “you” All different types of “you” But according to my Facebook stats, most of my readers are women in my age group (go figure, :) )

So when I write, I am especially writing to those “yous.” You’re the people in power, after all. You have the most influence on how children and teens are being taken care of and how often your men get to a dermatologist and wear sunscreen. (This is the one time it is TOTALLY ok to nag, ladies. Get them to wear that sunscreen!)

So I know that set of “yous” will definitely appreciate where I am coming from with today’s post.

The more blessings that come into my life, the more responsibility, and the less patience I have. I feel, most days, with all the hats I wear, I am just barely reaching an acceptable level of performance at each. Most days, I feel like I am failing at everything. This would be my report card right now:

Mom   C-
Wife  C-
Career  C
Housekeeper  F
Cook  D
Friend  D
Self Care   F---

Sunday, morning I woke up thinking, wow only 2 days and then Christmas is over.  What have I done?  Or more like, what haven’t I done?  I managed to do 95% of my shopping two weekends ago on Amazon.  I did it virtually of course, as I do pretty much everything else. I must admit, I did it as close to the last minute as possible on purpose. Last year, I went completely overboard. I bought them WAY too many things, which I always said I wouldn’t do. After all, the reason I love and have always loved Christmas is because of the magic.

 At Christmas time, suddenly, most people are happy. They are smiling. Strangers are more pleasant. We all become more giving. It’s like sometime between the nearly vicious greediness of Black Friday and the joyous morning of Christmas day, we are all injected with some super, warm, LOVE.  So much love, that we can’t help but give it out. I remember Christmas time being the happiest time for my family, always. So naturally, I want my children to feel that happiness. I don’t want it to be all about the gifts.

So this year, I cut down and back, and for that I get an A +. But what else have I done? Did I take the kids to see the “snow” falling at the town center?  Did I take them to see the life-size gingerbread house?  Have we made our play snow?  Have we baked our snowman cookies? As I sat here, reflecting on all the things I didn’t do this month due to working, I thought about all the time I have been with my children, but not really with them.  This time of year, especially, we are running around like crazy, trying to make magic and dreams for our children. Are we focusing too much on the things? Are we trying to cram so much into our lives for the experience, or are we focusing on the quality time we share? The things we will all remember the most.

This was something I promised myself when I received the clear lab reports after my surgery in July.  I promised myself that I would reevaluate my priorities. I know God and family always come first when I write them down, but is that what’s happening when I wake up in the morning?  Forget my list. What do my actions show my priorities to be?

Here I am, five months later, and I again have fallen back into my routine of accomplishing the absolutely necessary for today, and postponing everything else, usually the most important things, until tomorrow.  My tomorrow list is unbearable, but lucky for me, tomorrow never really comes, because once it's here, tomorrow becomes today.  And today, there just isn’t time for much of anything.

So I decided to take some time off, not just from work, but from stress and from worry and from all the things I spend entirely too much time on, like social networking sites. I didn’t stay off completely, but it was nice to take a peek and see I had 32 notifications, rather than waiting for what seems like hours to have something new post.

On Christmas day, I didn’t post a thousand pictures of my kids. I didn’t provide everyone with hourly updates of what was going on or what I was eating. I was not "intexticated" as my mom likes to call me.   Instead, I used my phone to take some pictures of my kids smiling and playing. The rest of the time was spent enjoying everyone around me. It was definitely a great day. 

I encourage all of you to do what I plan on doing in this next week and into the new year, take a good, long look at what you spend your time doing. Do your actions reflect your priorities? If someone had to name your priorities based on what they see you doing, what would come first? Would it match the priorities you have in your heart?

Regardless of whether we are diagnosed with an awful disease like cancer or just received a clean bill of health this morning, no one knows how much time they have left on this earth. Are we living our days the way we want? I think it is VERY important to stop thinking we will have more time. As we get older, our time is getting shorter, not longer. 

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. I will be back next week, and then back to regular posting the week after.

As always, thank you for reading and until next time, practice safe sun!

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