Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My First Interview!

I know I have been bragging a LOT lately about my wonderful new friends in the melanoma community. I am sure you are starting to get just a bit sick of hearing it. Well, I’d stop -if I could, but I just can’t do it! If there is one thing melanoma has brought me, it’s the realization that in my lifetime I have made some pretty amazing friends and there are still more amazing friends to be made.

I met my new friend, Katie from Pretty In Pale, on Twitter.  I believe the first time I commented to her was not about melanoma. Nope. It was about Starbucks.  (Those who know me well are SO not surprised at this.) She checked in at Starbucks and mentioned that she didn’t like eggnog, but loved eggnog lattes. I quickly chimed in that I, too, am not crazy about eggnog, but love eggnog lattes, shakes, and Nips candies. Which reminds me, I need to find out if Katie has tried the shake yet.  We quickly “clicked” and both of us felt as though we had found our long lost twin. I just came out of the womb quite a few years before she did.

Katie is a beautiful young lady who, after using tanning beds in her teens, was diagnosed with melanoma in her early 20’s. Hard to believe isn’t it? She was fortunate, like myself. We both got to walk away from our surgeries with no chemo, no radiation, and all of our lymph nodes. We both also felt it was our mission to blog about it and share what we’ve gone through with others.  Even more, we both had self-esteem issues growing up and are on a mission to help others to avoid the same mistakes we made. I cannot get over how much we have in common.

Hard to believe this gorgeous lady had an issue with self-esteem. 

When Katie asked if she could interview me for her blog, I felt like Oprah had FINALLY heard about me, and I was worthy of being shared with the world.  I quickly said yes!!! While she isn’t quite at Oprah status, I know one day, she will have accomplished a lot of amazing things and make a difference in this world.

Our interview took place virtually, as most of my life does, but I do hope to meet Katie face to face soon. 

So, my dear readers,  I introduce you to Katie Wilkes at Pretty in Pale, as she introduces her readers to me. 


  1. This just made my day. I haven't tried the eggnog shake yet .... probably for the better :)

    1. Katie, ONE shake, just for me. LOL. We have to live a little. :)